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August's Staff Dog Blog
Castle Howard
By Guest Blogger  //  Mon 20th August 2018
By Christine and Becky, in our Accounts Team
As our celebrations for Year of the Dog continue, we introduce you to another two of our beloved staff dogs, Mia and Max both work in the Accounts Team here at Castle Howard...

Mia is a 16.5 month old Cocker Spaniel, full of fun and mischief. In the mornings, when I (Christine) am getting ready to leave for work I always tell Mia 'we're going to the Castle'... she gets very excited and cries until we arrive.

We always arrive to work early so that we can have a morning scamper, it's the best walk of the day when no one else is around! Her tail never stops wagging and her nose is to the ground the whole time.

We often go up to the Stable Courtyard during the day, everyone comments on how she is taking me for a walk as I can't keep up with her! She's always so excited to see everyone, she likes to make a fuss of all the visitors four legged and two legged!

Mia loves sharing an office with Max... Max is a thirteen year old Labrador/Cocker Spaniel cross who I (Becky) have had since he was nine months old. His old age is beginning to calm him down, but he still has his moments where he seems to have the energy of a pup! With him being past retirement he doesn't often make the journey into work with me, however when he does come along he enjoys seeing all of his friends, particularly Mia.

When out and about exploring the grounds he loves nothing more than venturing through Ray Woods trying to find the perfect stick for me to throw for him. He also likes to investigate around the Temple of Four Winds just to ensure that nothing has changed since this last visit.

Most of all, his favourite thing to do is to pull me towards The Great Lake or sometimes the South Lake, any sort of lake will suit, in the hope that he will be able to launch himself in for a swim, but so far he has been unsuccessful in his mission. Max is an extremely loyal, loving and obedient dog (unless, of course, there is a stick involved) who I am sure is looking forward to his next trip to Castle Howard.

We would love to see which part of the Estate our visitor's dogs enjoy the most. Take part in our Dog of the Month competition by sharing photos on social media of your canine friends at Castle Howard, tag us in your images using #dogsatcastlehoward. At the end of each month a winner will be announced and entered into the end of year draw to win a very special doggy themed gift.

Upload your photos before 31st August for a chance to win the August Dog of the Month!