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Home Grown Timber
By Mark Chapman  //  Mon 15th May 2017
Timber, Forestry, Woodland, Building Services, Conservation
Across Castle Howard estate there is almost 2,000 acres of managed woodland divided between coniferous and deciduous plantings.
As well as being sold for commercial purposes, the forestry and building services team have now put in place a programme of works to fell, dry and plank timber which will be used for repairs to the main house and properties across the estate.

In this first year of the project we have felled and planked two English oaks, one western hemlock, two cedars, two standard pines and two larches. The trees have been sawn into planks, stacked and now left to air dry for a number of years before they are ready to be used; as a general rule of thumb the timber will take a year to dry for every inch thick.

The tree ends are sealed with a coloured wax paint which prevents the wood from splitting and allows us to identity the timber type and year of felling.


We will continue to fell and plank trees each year to build a stock of high quality, sustainable estate grown wood which can be used instead of bought in timber. This slow, air dried timber produces excellent quality wood which we can cut as needed as opposed to the bought in timber which is fast grown and kiln dried resulting in a poorer quality.

We hope the first stocks will be ready to use from 2019.
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