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May's Staff Dog Blog
Castle Howard
By Guest Blogger  //  Thu 24th May 2018
By Aaron, our Facilities Manager
In celebrating Year of the Dog we are introducing you to one of our beloved staff dogs each month, this month we introduce you to Dee!

Breed: American Akita
Age: Believed to be 8 years old (he was rescued four years ago)
Owner: Head of Facilities at Castle Howard
Loves: Snow and the beach
Hates: Cheap dog food

Dee is an American Akita, he was rescued four years ago and is believed to be eight years old. He’s tall, sophisticated and very sociable.

Dee spends a lot of time at Castle Howard and loves the great outdoors. He’s been known to do a balancing act on the edge of the Atlas Fountain leaning in for a drink, but carefully making sure he doesn’t get wet. Ray Wood is his favourite place, there’s lots of space for running and more importantly there’s plenty of squirrels to chase – although he’s never had any success and knows he’s being ambitious, he enjoys it all the same. Dee’s very intelligent and understands the difference between being at work and being at home, he knows not to chase the peacocks around the grounds, and he knows to wait patiently outside the House when he’s moulting.

Dee loves to be in front of the camera, when he’s not busy chasing squirrels he’s happily sat posing. Much to Dee’s delight, Castle Howard has been used as a location for many programmes and films; Dee has starred in many and if he hasn’t been featured he’s guaranteed to have been on set. You may recognise Dee from Phil Spencer’s Stately Homes, Castle Howard Christmas videos, the Yorkshire Life Magazine, Candis Magazine and more recently the Arctic Monkey’s new music video for their single Four Out Of Five.

The Arctic Monkey’s music video from their new album Tranquility Base and Hotel Casino is definitely Dee’s career highlight. The Arctic Monkeys fans gave great admiration for him and he now has an ever growing following on his own Instagram account @dee_the_akita

We would love to see which part of the Estate our visitor's dogs enjoy the most. Take part in our Dog of the Month competition by sharing photos on social media of your canine friends at Castle Howard, tag us in your images using #dogsatcastlehoward. At the end of each month a winner will be announced and entered into the end of year draw to win a very special doggy themed gift.

Upload your photos before 31st May for a chance to win the May Dog of the Month!