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National Nest Box Week
By Will Howard  //  Mon 13th February 2017
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Bird Boxes
Our range of bird boxes provide the perfect place for nesting birds to set up home.

A nesting family of birds will help keep garden pests in check and will fill your outdoor space with a chorus of twitterings and chirps.

Choose the site

Choose the site carefully depending on the type of box you’re using and the birds you wish to attract. Avoid putting in a busy part of the garden where there’s a lot of human traffic or close to other nest boxes or bird feeding stations as the proximity to rival bird might put some nesters off. Try and keep out of reach of predators such as cats or squirrels.

Provide shelter

Make sure the boxes are protected from the brunt of the weather and prevailing winds, angle the boxes slightly downwards to help stop rain water getting in. Open fronted nest boxes that are attached to a wall or fence should be positioned behind shrubbery to provide shelter.

Fasten carefully

Boxes can be fastened to a wall or fence with screws or tied to a tree to avoid damaging the trunk, remember to check the fastening as the tree grows


Keep nest boxes clean and remove debris from old nests each year. Use a variety of boxes which are suitable for different birds and try them in a different location if they haven’t been occupied for a couple of years. Place the boxes in sheltered locations and try not to put boxes too close together.

Leave your garden sweepings such as twigs and moss out in the garden, this will give the birds plenty of material to fill the boxes with and create cosy nests.

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