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October's Staff Dog Blog
Castle Howard
By Guest Blogger  //  Thu 11th October 2018
By Cecilia, in our Estate Office
As our celebrations for Year of the Dog continue, we introduce you to another two of our beloved staff dogs, Mimi and Zeus.
Mimi and Zeus on their 1st day at Castle Howard
Mimi and Zeus are 2 year old tri colour basset hounds, brother and sister, in fact they celebrated their birthday on 2nd October with an early autumn walk out to the Temple of the Four Winds which enabled them to snuffle their way through the newly fallen leaves and check each and every blade of grass en route. They love the gardens and grounds on the Estate and have, over time, explored most of the paths taking in the wide open views from New River Bridge to the Sheep Walk and Pretty Wood as well as the outer reaches of the Estate villages.

They have been coming here since they were little puppies and are regularly seen around the grounds at lunchtime and do seem to have a fan club.

Bassets were bred as hunting dogs because of their incredible sense of smell, but the little legs are to enable humans to keep up with them. There is nothing more sonorous than a pack of bassets on a scent with their noses to the ground running through the countryside in full voice. They have a deep and melodious bay - it is a magical sound. Bassets are pack dogs and love to be around people and dogs, they are friendly, sociable unless they are snoring loudly under a desk in the offices. But when they are out and about then they revert to being typical hounds – their recall is unpredictable – they know their commands however unless the reward is worth it they may well choose to ignore what you say, if there is food involved then everything changes!

Bassets are clowns, they are funny, they are stubborn, they can be infuriating and hilarious at the same time, but once you have been owned by a basset it is hard to give them up.


We would love to see which part of the Estate our visitor's dogs enjoy the most. Take part in our Dog of the Month competition by sharing photos on social media of your canine friends at Castle Howard, tag us in your images using #dogsatcastlehoward. At the end of each month a winner will be announced and entered into the end of year draw to win a very special dog themed gift.

Upload your photos before 31st October for a chance to win the Dog of the Month!