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Sat 16th November 2019 to Sun 5th January 2020
Christmas at Castle Howard
Event Type: Event for all

Creative Designer, Charlotte Lloyd Webber and her team are back for another year, this year with a theme of A Christmas Masquerade.

Castle Howard prepares for a fantastical Christmas celebration culminated in the Masked Ball. The House is full of family, guests and theatrical entertainers. Rooms beautifully decorated for Christmas display the fancy dress finery, wigs and accoutrements for the night ahead. The theme for the ball is the characters from the traditional pantomimes of the 18th/19th century. Harelquin, the lovers, clowns and rogues. The atmosphere is one of the increasing visual and acoustic excitement as we move on a journey through the House before arriving at the apotheosis in the Long Gallery.

The Castle Howard "Christmas Masquerade” celebrates the House’s theatrical roots and the influence of the Italian Baroque on its magnificent architecture and interiors. The House prepares for a grand masked ball inspired by the Venetian Carnival to be held in the Long Gallery spectacularly adorned as the Grand Canal. Amongst the sumptuous decorations and awe inspiring costumes, a troupe of travelling players prepare festive entertainments for the guests. These ebullient, mischievous characters - Harlequin, Colombine, Pierrot and the Zanni Clown are part of the famous Commedia dell Arte who became the much-loved characters of the pantomimes that remain one of our best beloved Christmas traditions. A magical immersive experience that will embody the spirit of the season in true Castle Howard style.

Tickets and more information coming soon!