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Seasonal Highlights

There's always something to see in Ray Wood and each season brings its own delights...


Spring is the most joyful of the seasons and for Ray Wood, this is when it’s at its most colourful.

Come March, swathes of daffodils fill the grounds making the walk to Ray Wood a joy in itself and by the end of March the magnolias and rhododendrons begin to break out of their buds.

April is a month of show-stoppers. Vibrant shades of purple, red, pink and pure white fill the woods as the rhododendrons and azaleas reach their peak.

Bluebells line the woodland edges in May so take a walk across the top of Ray Wood and down to the Temple of Venus.


Hydrangeas and wild roses take the spotlight this season, bringing some summer charm to the wood.


Rowan trees bare their colourful berries in late summer/early Autumn and Japanese maples provide fantastic shows of autumn colour. Meanwhile, the sweet syrupy scent of katsura trees fills the air and all sorts of interesting fungi can be found along the pathways and amongst the leaf litter.


Winter is the perfect time to appreciate the bare bones of the wood and the architecture of trees. With such a wide collection of species, there’s a huge range of colours, textures and patterns of tree bark which tend to go unnoticed at other times of year.

Snowdrops, one of the first flowers of the year, arrive in January to much delight and their little snow white heads can be seen in abundance at the top of the wood.