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Death Comes to Pemberley

The BBCs adaptation of PD James' best selling novel, Death Comes to Pemberley was filmed at Castle Howard, for two weeks during July 2013.

Starring Matthew Rhys, Anna Maxwell-Martin, Matthew Goode and Jenna Louise Coleman, the three part adaptation was shown on BBC for three consecutive nights from Thursday 26 December.

The cast & crew used 11 interior and three exterior locations at Castle Howard to portray Mr Darcy and Elizabeth's Pemberley home. 

Archbishop's bedroom Archbishop's Bedroom            

Not usually open to the public, this private bedroom was used as Mr Darcy & Elizabeth's bedroom.

The bedroom appears in several scenes between Elizabeth & Mr Darcy in the second and third episodes of the drama. 
Antiques Passage
Antiques Passage            

Several of the main characters are seen striding down the passageway, including Mr Darcy when he leaves for the inquest in the second episode and the arrival of Lady Catherine de Bourgh in episode three.
Great Hall Great Hall
Used as one of the main entrances, the Great Hall features throughout the drama, including when Sir Selwyn Hardcastle, played by Trevor Eve, arrives at Pemberley in episode one.
High South Balcony High South

An hysterical Mrs Bennet is comforted by Elizabeth the morning after the murder.
Crimson Dining Room Crimson Dining Room

Used as the dining room, we see Mr Darcy, Elizabeth, Georgiana, Henry Alveston and Mr and Mrs Bennet gathered round the table in episode one
Castle Howard Bedroom Castle Howard Bedroom

Featuring in episode one, the Castle Howard bedroom is where Wickham is brought to and where Sir Selwyn Hardcastle first sees him.
Castle Howard Dressing Room Castle Howard Dressing Room

Used as the nursery, the Castle Howard Dressing Room is where Elizabeth asks Mrs Reynolds, the housekeeper, to find out if Louisa Bidwell is the baby's mother and where she asks her to make enquiries for finding the baby a new home.

Turquoise Drawing Room Turquoise Drawing Room
Used as the drawing room, the Turquoise Drawing Room is an integral part of the production with many important scenes taking place here. Including Colonel Fitzwilliam excusing himself from the party for an evening ride in episode one and Mr Darcy's conversation with the magistrate.
Lady Georgiana's Bedroom
Lady Georgiana's Bedroom
Portraying Lydia's bedroom, we see Lydia sedated by the doctor and being comforted by Elizabeth and Georgiana in this room in episode one.
Lady Georgiana's Dressing Room Lady Georgiana's Dressing Room

In episode two, Louisa confesses to Elizabeth and Mrs Reynolds that she is the mother of baby George and reveals the name of the father as Freddie de Lancey.
Music Room Music Room                       

Used to portray Elizabeth's study, some key story lines come to the fore in this room in the final episode.
Temple of the Four Winds Temple of the Four Winds

A meeting between Elizabeth and her sister Jane takes place at this pavilion in episode two.
Walled Garden
Walled Garden

We see Elizabeth and her gardeners picking roses here in the first episode as well as her speaking with Colonel Fitzwilliam about Georgiana.