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At our delicatessen counter you will find over 30 cheeses, hand-picked for their flavour and quality, lots of delicious pates, cooked meats, along with olives, antipasti, pies, scotch eggs and estate made sausage rolls.

We often invite our suppliers to join us at the Farm Shop for tastings. Check out who is joining us this month in our Tastings Calendar.


Deli Favourites - Cheese Pairing

Goats Cheese and Chili - Pair Ribblesdale Goats Milk cheese with Chili Jam Cheesy Nibbles from Taste of Yorkshire add some delicious red tomato and chili jam from Rosebud Preserves for an extra hit and you have the perfect snack for a sunny afternoon. A bottle of Yorkshire Lass white from Ryedale Vineyards, a blend of aromatic grapes producing a complex and off-dry wine will perfectly offset the heat of the spice and the tang of the cheese.

Blue Cheese and Beef - The flavor of our 28 day aged estate beef makes for the perfect marriage with Mrs Belles Blue from Shepherds Purse, considered to be one of the best ewes’ milk blue cheeses in Europe. The milk’s meadow sweetness combines with the saltiness of the finished cheese to produce a rich complex flavour. Milder than a Roquefort but bold enough for any blue cheese fan. Simply crumble some cheese over your resting steak or if you have more time create a rich blue cheese pouring sauce by combining Mrs Belles Blue with simple white sauce. Add a glass of Running Duck Shiraz to the table with its Organic Fair Trade credentials this wine has a rich, dark colour with pepper, dark fruit and oakey tannins providing a spicy finish.

Cheese and Tomato - It may seem like an obvious pairing but the combination of a really good quality cheddar such as Fountains Gold with fresh vine tomatoes can elevate even the most basic crust of bread or bowl of pasta to a whole new level. Rich, mellow and buttery in flavour, with a golden appearance and a smooth, creamy texture Fountains Gold has a starring role in our kitchens when we create our cheese and chutney sandwich. Add a chilled bottle of Howardian Gold from Helmsley Brewing, a golden ale bursting with zesty lemon and sweet floral aromas, honey-like malt and tropical fruit culminating in a refreshing pint. The perfect lunch combination.