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The Estate

Castle Howard is well known as one of the finest historic houses in England. The landscape in which it sits is equally worth exploring, with the approach to Castle Howard being as impressive as the arrival.

Castle Howard Estate
From farming and forestry to conservation and curatorial collections, there's much more to Castle Howard than the house itself.

The Howardian Hills
A designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Castle Howard sits in the heart of this unique landscape with endless opportunities to explore.

Property to Let
With rolling hills, woods and lakes the Howardian Hills is the perfect place to escape; find your own country cottage on the Castle Howard estate.
The Castle Howard Estate, which features over 200 listed buildings and monuments, is situated within the Howardian Hills, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty 15 miles north-east of York. The estate is approximately 8,800 acres (3,561 ha), comprising 6,100 acres of farmland, 2,100 of acres woodland and 600 acres of parkland.

Over the last five decades millions of pounds have been committed to the conservation and essential repairs of Castle Howard's landscape, buildings and monuments. Income generated through tourism and estate businesses is supplemented where possible by grants from organisations such as English Heritage and Natural England.