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Castle Howard & Freya Cox Vegan Cakes

We’ve teamed up with baker and writer Freya Cox to create delicious vegan cakes for sale in our cafes in 2023.



Freya’s latest creation is Double Chocolate Muffins with Toasted White Chocolate Marshmallows. The Muffins will be available from Tuesday 3rd October.

Our first vegan cake was a mini–Black Forest Gateaux: delicious chocolate cake, kirsch buttercream and cherry jam with a quintessential cherry on top and second was Summer Raspberry and Vanilla Kisses: raspberry jame and vanilla buttercream, sandwiches between fluffy vanilla biscuit.

We’re absolutely thrilled to be partnering with Freya to expand our vegan offering, and to continue to celebrate delicious local, sustainable produce.

The Double Chocolate Muffins with Toasted White Chocolate Marshmallows are available in our Coffee Shop, Courtyard Café  and Boathouse Café

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