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The Walled Garden

The tranquil Walled Garden with its manicured borders, ornamental vegetable patch and pretty summer blooms is the perfect place to relax and discover a stunning collection.


Laid out in the early 18th century as kitchen garden, today part of the garden is still given over to vegetables and cut flowers but the remainder of the area has been transformed into a garden of roses, dedicated to the memory of Lady Cecilia Howard.

Rose Gardens

The Rose Gardens originally comprised three adjoining enclosures - Lady Cecilia's Garden, the Sundial Garden and the Venus Garden. With their romantic Italianate trellises, hornbeam hedges and backdrop of brick walls, these gardens are a sheltered paradise of colour and intoxicating perfume, where visitors will enjoy a spectacle of massed roses. In total there are 2000 modern roses of all types making this one of England's most comprehensive collections.

Ornamental Vegetable Garden

The Sundial Garden is home to an ornamental vegetable garden styled on a French kitchen garden, known as a "Potager", where vegetables, fruits and flowers intermingle and are formally laid out for ornamental purposes.  Each harvest - the first is usually by mid-June, the produce is replaced to ensure there is always something to see.  The harvested produce is used in our kitchens and sold through our Farm Shop.

The Walled Garden Gallery

Our grounds and gardens are open all year and provide breathtaking views and seasonal colour; with an ornamental vegetable garden, rose garden, formal parterres and beautiful vistas across the Howardian Hills.
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