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Castle Howard textile and wallpaper collection
with Watts 1874

The Castle Howard Indienne Collection comprises seven designs inspired by 19th-century samples discovered in Castle Howard's archive


Hidden deep within the extensive archives of Castle Howard is a remarkable collection of textiles and wallpapers. These were part of an ambitious project by Rosalind, 9th Countess to redecorate the house from the 1870s onwards. Numerous bolts of fabric and rolls of wallpapers were carefully stored, protected from the ravages of light damage, and so offer a unique glimpse into the vibrant colours and bold designs fashionable at that time. 

Mrs Howard was inspired by Rosalind’s legacy, and became committed to bringing the stunning samples back to life. Watts 1874 and Castle Howard were a natural partnership for this process, and a collaboration began. The Watts team carefully selected a balanced range from Rosalind’s archives, forming a bespoke collection of five fabrics and two wallpapers that are bold, maximal, and luscious. 

The partnership celebrates timeless style and luxurious interiors, as well as collaboration between two prestigious brands. 

A deep dive into historic textiles and wallpapers at Castle Howard. Join Curator of Collections and Archives, Eleanor Brooke-Peat, for an introduction to Castle Howard’s 19th-century interiors, where Japanese and Arts & Crafts designs were centre stage. Friday 22nd September, 2.30pm; Friday 6th October, 2.30pm
Discover the seven bold, luscious and beautiful designs in the Castle Howard Indienne Colllection via Watts 1874's website.
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