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Conservation & Restoration

Income generated from tourism and leisure as well as estate business such as farming, forestry and property rental all contribute to covering the ongoing maintenance of Castle Howard.

Many of the 200 listed buildings and monuments on the estate were designed and built during the 18th century, including the distinctive formal avenues and parkland trees. A constant programme of conservation, restoration and maintenance is in place to ensure the house and wider estate is safeguarded for future generations.

A chronological list of our projects can be seen below.  If you have any questions about these, please contact us.



 2017 Masonry repairs and restoration to the Carrmire Gate
 2017 Refurbishment of the Fitzroy Restaurant
Deep clean of the Atlas Fountain
 2016 Restoration of the Obelisk Ponds
 2016 Restoration of the dome cupola and gold leafing
 2015 Restoration of the lime avenue
 2014 Restoration of St Anne's Pyramid
 2014 Restoration of the western Stray Walls and Stray Wall Towers
 2013 Restoration of collapsed area of the Ray Wood wall
 2012 Restoration of the eastern Stray Walls and Stray Wall Towers
 2012 Restoration of The Atlas Fountain
 2011 Restoration of the Exclamation Gate Piers
 2010 Restoration of the boar in the Boar Garden 
 2010 Installation of new fire alarm system in the house
 2009 Ground Source Heat system installed
 2007 Restoration of High South rooms – Phase 1
 2006-12 Electrical rewiring of the house
 2006 Restoration of the China Landing ceiling
 2005 Restoration of Pellegrini's Vulcan above the fireplace in the Great Hall | Restoration of Ray Wood walls
 2005 Overhaul of the 18C clock in the Cinder Yard
 2004 Conversion of the stable block to farm shop
 2003-04 Restoration of obelisk and the refurbishment of the plant centre
 2004 Restoration of High South bedrooms - the Admiral’s Room and Lady Cawdor’s Room
 2001-02 Restoration of St Anne's Hill Pyramid, the 7th Earl's Monument, the Medici Vase and Ray Wood walls
 2001 Restoration of the Temple of the Four Winds steps
 2000 Restoration of the Pyramid in Pretty Wood
 1999-2000 Refurbishment of the house shop 
 1998-99 Refurbishment of the house café to produce the Fitzroy Room
 1997-2003 Restoration of the Four Faces monument in Pretty Wood
 1997-98 Refurbishment of the public toilets
 1995-2003 Restoration of 18 life-size lead statues in the grounds.
 1993-97 Re-roofing of the central block of the House and the first section of the East Wing | Development of the Stable Courtyard with a ticket office, café and shop. 
 1993-95 Replacement of earth in the Rose Gardens after soil sickness diagnosed
 1991-92 Refurbishment of the Castle Howard Bedroom
 1991 Clearance and opening of the South-East Wing as an exhibition area 
 1990-91 Refurbishment of the organ in the Chapel
 1989-91 Restoration of the North Lake banks and ponds | Refurbishment and conversion of the boathouse into a café
 1987-91 Restoration of the South Lake and Waterways
 1987-88 Restoration of the Cabinet Room
 1987 Redecoration of the Long Gallery
 1984 Restoration of the Clock Tower
Restoration of the Ray Wood Reservoir | Refurbishment of the Atlas Fountain
Building the New Library
 1980 Rebuilding the Garden Hall
 1975-79 Creation of the Rose Gardens
 1970s Restoration of the Mausoleum: entablature, colonnade and some stonework, but balustrading and steps not completed | Re-roofing of the West Wing of the house | Start of the development of Ray Wood and the Arboretum
 1961-62 Recreation of Pellegrini's Fall of Phaeton on the underside of the dome
 1960-61 Rebuilding of the dome on the house
 1950s Restoration of the Temple of the Four Winds: new dome, stonework, interior and floor