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Restoring the Lime Avenue

The restoration and conservation of Castle Howard extends beyond the immediate house, monuments and built environment to the wider designed landscape in which the house sits.

In 2015 we began a programme of restoration to the trees lining our grand processional approach which takes in monuments, rolling hills and stunning views.

The 800 lime trees which make up the central section of the Avenue are an important feature of Castle Howard’s Grade 1 listed parkland and required intervention to secure their future.

Of the trees which make up the central section of the Avenue approximately 60 were felled with a further 200 having some form of tree surgery, 300 new trees were then replanted. As a result of this work the Avenue has now been removed from the Historic England Heritage at Risk Register.

Phase 2 of the restoration began in late 2016, with work focusing on the restoration of the 18th century obelisk ponds which span the avenue. Over the years the ponds have become overgrown, their original clay liners have degraded and they are no longer watertight. This has resulted in unsightly dry basins where the pools of water should be.

The two ponds are the last of a series of five interconnected ponds and must be dug out and relined with puddle clay to ensure they will hold water. Work will then be carried out to improve the flow of water from the preceding ponds.

The northern end of the lime avenue will also undergo work, with a combination of pruning, felling and replanting ensuring it is returned to the 18th century planting plan and safeguarded for future generations to enjoy.

This vital restoration work has been made possible thanks to substantial grant aid through a Higher Level Stewardship scheme supported by Natural England. With the help of grants such as this Castle Howard is able to continue to invest in the conservation and restoration of both the built environment and the designed landscape which make up the estate.

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