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The Howard Family

The Howard family are descended from Lord William Howard the youngest son of Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk.

The 1st Earl of Carlisle, Charles Howard (1629-1685) was the great grandson of Lord William Howard (1563-1640), the youngest son of Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk, whose skill at marrying heiresses eventually led to his execution. ‘Belted Will’ took possession of Henderskelfe in Yorkshire, the site of Castle Howard today, as part of the inheritance of his wife, Elizabeth Dacre.

Created Earl of Carlisle in 1661 it was Charles' grandson, Charles Howard the 3rd Earl of Carlisle (1679-1738), who is famed as the creator of Castle Howard.

Eight generations of the Howard family have since occupied Castle Howard: each bringing different characteristics to the stewarding of this grand house and estate through centuries of challenges and opportunities. Their lives have been shaped by public service, political activity, artistic endeavour, and strategic marriages, typical of their own particular times.

Download the family tree below or click on the images below for more information on each of the members of the Howard family.

Howard Family Tree