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Mon 18th February 2019
The 'A Celebration of Gardens and Landscapes' photographic exhibition opens
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Yesterday Castle Howard welcomed a high-level delegation from the
city of Suzhou and the Humble Administrator’s Garden to the opening
of a photographic exhibition on Castle Howard and the Humble
Administrator’s Garden, which was first shown in Suzhou in the autumn
of 2018. From this joint exercise Castle Howard looks forward to
exploring ways in which the two organisations might work closely
together in the future.

Garden-making has been practised for centuries all over the world. 2019
represents an important set of anniversaries, 510 years for Humble
Administrator’s Garden, and 320 years for Castle Howard. The Humble
Administrator’s Garden was first built in 1509 and added to the UNESCO
register World Heritage Sites in December 1997. Castle Howard was
begun by Charles Howard, 3rd Earl of Carlisle, in 1699, and this Baroque
masterpiece has been home to the Howard family ever since.

Although 12,000 miles apart, these two world-famous gardens share
many things in common, and while drawing on different traditions and
techniques, both gardens exhibit the craft of making landscape,
architecture, flowers, trees, and water work in harmony. These gardens
offer an opportunity for visitors from all over the world to come and
enjoy them as beautiful creations steeped in history; their tranquility
enables visitors to leave feeling refreshed by the experience, having learnt
something about the past, and wishing to return again.

The close cooperation between Castle Howard and the Humble
Administrator’s Garden and the city of Suzhou will be of practical benefit
to each party, as they share their experience and expertise, and this will
lead to a common understanding of the history, practice, and management
of historic landscapes. It is hoped that this joint initiative will also
encourage visitors from China to come to Castle Howard and the ancient
city of York; at the same time by opening up a wider appreciation of these
two garden traditions visitors from Yorkshire will be inspired to travel to
Suzhou and experience the garden delights of that city, especially the
Humble Administrator’s Garden. This occasion has been marked by the
signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Nicholas Howard
and Director Xue of the Humble Administrator’s Garden.

The exhibition will also feature an art project by schoolchildren in York
based on the subject of Chinese and English gardens.

The 'A Celebration of Gardens and Landscapes' photographic exhibition opens to the public in the Stable Courtyard today (Monday 18th February 2019) and admission is free.