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Garden Equipment & Pots

From essentials such as spades, forks and trowels, to more specialist pruning tools and feature pot for your patio

Garden Pots

Whether it’s a statement feature pot for your patio, something to add curb appeal to your front door, or a simple cottage style terracotta pot we have everything you need.

Stunning Cretan urns or bold blue glazed pots can be used to add seasonal interest, to brighten up a dull corner or to add interest to those un-plantable areas of your garden or balcony. A pot of herbs next to the kitchen door is perfect as fresh picked herbs are packed full of flavor.

Will's Tips

Most plants, from trees to vegetables can be successfully grown in a container; the key is to choose the right compost and to pick the best time to plant in order for the plants to become established quickly.

  • Choose the right pot – The pot or container needs to be large enough to easily hold the roots of a specimen plant or the collection of plants you have chosen to put together. Don’t choose a pot too large as excess compost becomes waterlogged and can rot the plant roots. Pot on individual specimens gradually as they outgrow their current container. Ensure the pot has good drainage holes and place a thin layer of broken pots or stones in the base.
  • Compost – For short term annuals or vegetables use a multipurpose compost for permanent planting use a soil based compost such as John Innes. If you are planting a lime hating plant such as Pieris or Camellia, choose an ericaceous compost. Never use soil from the garden as there are not enough nutrients to sustain a container grown plant. Add water retaining granules to summer bedding pots, and slow release fertilizer to the pots when planting.
  • Planting - On top of your drainage layer add compost leaving enough room on top to arrange your plants. Firm the compost around the plants. Leave a gap between the compost and the top of the pot to allow for watering.

Garden Equipment

From essentials such as spades, forks and trowels, to more specialist pruning tools you will find everything the well stocked shed could desire. 

Fine quality tools are always a pleasure to work with, and here at the garden centre we have quality ranges in carbon and stainless from Kent and Stowe, RHS endorsed traditional wooden handled tools by Burgon and Ball and Spear and Jackson Kew Gardens Collection.

Will's Tips

With a little care and maintenance good quality tools will last a lifetime. Always ensure that you remove all the soil from tools before putting them away. In the winter months when there is less to do in the garden, take to the shed and treat all your wooden handled tools to a coat of linseed oil to protect and stop the wood from drying out.

Always store bladed tools such as hoes and spades by hanging them up, so as not to blunt the edges. A sharpening stone can be used to hone the edge and wipe over with an oiled cloth to protect the metal.