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July's Staff Dog Blog
Castle Howard
By Guest Blogger  //  Mon 16th July 2018
By Carl and Suzannah in our Building Services Team
As our celebrations for Year of the Dog continue, we introduce you to another two of our beloved staff dogs, Zeb and Elf both work in the Building Services Team here at Castle Howard.

Zeb is an 8 year old Border Collie / Labrador cross. He is a rescue dog that I (Carl) got when he was one. The day I collected him he had never been in car, been to a vet, had regular meals or a bath – he stunk! After a good bath, plenty of food and training he has made the best dog. Zeb is my shadow – he spends nearly all his time with me, be it at work or home.

My office at work is next to the main estate office reception and it’s not uncommon to see Zeb sitting in reception meeting and greeting visitors as they arrive. He loves the company of people and will happily sit for hours getting fussed. He is a very calm dog and staff also enjoy popping in to see him for some ‘dog therapy’ when they are having a particularly hectic day. Zeb is a well travelled dog, coming with me running and campervan holidays. He has summited most of highest mountains in the UK and is always happiest when out on a good hill run with me.

Zeb shares an office with his little buddy Elf, who he enjoys exploring in the woods with at lunch time...

Elf is a small black and tan Jack Russell terrier, born in France in 2010. She is well travelled and currently on her second passport, as her original was full after her many jaunts to France. She is very well behaved and quiet for a Jack Russell and loves coming to work at the Building Services office at Castle Howard, she has an uncanny knack of knowing when staff are eating and sits quietly but persistently near them, hoping for a share of their snack.

She thinks the grounds are her own territory and especially likes to walk around the South Lake, there is always the chance there could be ducks, geese or swans on the lake, and she like to watch them - although I suspect her intentions are not entirely honourable! She also enjoys sitting on the benches on the South Lake on sunny days, and playing with her many dog friends in Ray Woods.

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