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Conservation and restoration works in the House

We’re working towards a big unveiling in 2025

We are working on some major projects in the House to restore and refresh some of our beautiful historic interiors. This amazing work will help us conserve and re-interpret the House and collections for future visitors to enjoy.

Castle Howard is a living and breathing home, made special and unique by the Howard family adding their flair and style to the interiors over centuries, and we are very excited to be part of this once-in-a-generation project.

The big reveal will be in Spring 2025 when the work finishes and visitors can enjoy the changes. Over the next few months follow the details of the process, including spotlighting skilled and specialist craftspeople, illustrating some of the transformations, and sharing new stories about our collection.


Latest behind-the-scenes stories

The Museum Room is a transitional space, being the literal turning point between the Baroque house and Palladian west wing, which has this winter had its own transformation.
One of our major projects this winter has focused on the two enormous gilt-brass chandeliers in the Long Gallery.
Over the next 12 months the Tapestry Drawing Room will be transformed from a ruined shell into a beautiful 18th century inspired interior.
At Castle Howard rich architectural detailing can be found all over the building. These special details in the House provided inspiration when planning the restoration of the Tapestry Drawing Room.