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March's Staff Dog Blog
Castle Howard
By Guest Blogger  //  Thu 8th March 2018
By Maria, our Forestry & Estate Administrator
In celebrating Year of the Dog we are introducing you to one of our beloved staff dogs each month, this month we introduce you to Scamp!

Scamp by name and scamp by nature, this little Welsh terrier is nearly two years old now but it’s looking like she will be an eternal puppy! Energetic and fun-loving, she adores all the attention that she gets from staff and visitors and simply cannot wait for her lunch time walk when she can get out and about on the Estate. A great substitute for an alarm clock, she’ll let me know if she thinks we’re late for lunch or if it’s time we were going home!

The Welsh terrier is one of the oldest terrier breeds and as such exhibits many of the traits people associate with terriers. Full of personality, extremely intelligent and just a little bit cheeky are a few characteristics that sum up Scamp in a nutshell. She is also a very friendly and affectionate dog and when she’s not out and about making pals, you can find her snuggled up on someone’s lap – just ask the Head of Forestry who she has taken rather a shine to.

One of our favourite places to walk at Castle Howard is up to the Temple of the Four Winds where Scamp can survey her territory (or so she likes to think!) and walk nimbly along the wall, putting one paw in front of the other just as a child would do along a kerb. She also likes to take a sniff round the yew hedges on the south lawn, following the trail of all the little animals who may have been there the night before.

Castle Howard is such a fantastic place to be able to walk my dog and having Scamp in the office with me means that work is never dull. On a cloudy day my dog is a little ray of sunshine.

We would love to see which part of the Estate our visitor's dogs enjoy the most. Take part in our Dog of the Month competition by sharing photos on social media of your canine friends at Castle Howard, tag us in your images using #dogsatcastlehoward. At the end of each month a winner will be announced and entered into the end of year draw to win some doggy themed Castle Howard gifts.

The first Dog of the Month competition will commence on Thursday 1st March, upload your photos before 31st March for a chance to win the March Dog of the Month!