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Chris Ridgway
Dr Chris Ridgway
I have been at Castle Howard since 1984 and over this period have lectured both nationally and internationally on Castle Howard's magnificent collections and fascinating history. I continue to be as passionate about Castle Howard's unique story and rich archive today as I was over 30 years ago and have published works on its collections, architecture, landscape and history.

By Dr Chris Ridgway  //  Tue 6th February 2018
Tags: Curatorial, History, Collection
On 6th February 1918 the Representation of the People Act was passed by Parliament, and was a major reform of the electoral system in Great Britain. This act not only ensured that practically all men had the right to vote, but also extended the vote to women over thirty and ...
Obelisk Pond
By Dr Chris Ridgway  //  Mon 6th February 2017
Tags: Restoration, Conservation, Estate
The recent excavation work on the Obelisk Ponds, which straddle the Castle Howard Avenue, is part of a large restoration project focused on the Avenue and grant-aided by Natural England....
Jenna Coleman as Victoria
By Dr Chris Ridgway  //  Fri 9th September 2016
Tags: Curatorial, History, Victoria, Filming
In the autumn of 2015 Queen Victoria came to Castle Howard - in the form of Jenna Coleman that is. But Victoria’s presence at Castle Howard in 2015 was a remarkable instance of déjà vu, for way back in 1850 the real Victoria came to stay. ...
The golden dome
By Dr Chris Ridgway  //  Mon 15th August 2016
Tags: Curator, Restoration, Conservation
Since ancient times the important features of grand buildings have often been finished in gold, and Castle Howard’s dome has always been gilded - its gleaming appearance visible in 18th-century paintings of the building....
By Dr Chris Ridgway  //  Mon 11th July 2016
Tags: Curator, History, House, Collections
In the autumn of 1738 Henry Howard, 4th Earl of Carlisle, swapped the grey skies of Yorkshire for the translucent beauty of Venice, as he embarked on his second Grand Tour to Italy. Earlier in the year he had inherited Castle Howard, following the death of his father, Charl...