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Castle Howard Blog

Castle Howard sits at the centre of an almost 9,000 acre estate in the Howardian Hills, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty near York.

Find out a little more about how one of Britain's finest country houses and estates works today and get some top tips from our experts in our blog.

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Fiona Bruce
By Adele Hirst   //  Thu 6 Jul 2017
Antiques Roadshow
This year sees two big anniversaries for BBC One’s Antiques Roadshow – it’s 40 years since the programme first hit the road and ten years since its presenter, Fiona Bruce took...
Maria Ellis
Maria Ellis
By Maria Ellis  //  Wed 5 Jul 2017
Tree Nursery, Forestry, Estate
If anyone has read a couple of these blogs before, they’ll probably have noticed that I tend to use this blog as an opportunity to sing the praises of our wonderful native tre...
Hedgerow Gin
Maria Ellis
Maria Ellis
By Maria Ellis  //  Tue 6 Jun 2017
Farm Shop, Local Supplier
Saturday 10th June 2017 is set to be a very good day for those of us who like a tipple. It’s World Gin Day to be specific, and it allows people to come together guilt-free and...
Dog Rose
Maria Ellis
Maria Ellis
By Maria Ellis  //  Mon 5 Jun 2017
Trees, Nature, Tree Nursery
The prefix ‘dog’, which forms part of the common name of many of our native plants, translates in the botanical world to mean ‘worthless’ in the sense that these species are ...
By Will Howard  //  Mon 5 Jun 2017
Garden, Flower Festival, Garden Centre
The cottage garden evokes images of traditional cottages with roses, clematis and honeysuckle rambling up the brickwork, along window ledges and over arches. A sweeping path l...
Maria Ellis
Maria Ellis
By Maria Ellis  //  Tue 30 May 2017
Farm Shop, Butchery
There’s nothing more reminiscent of the British summer time than a barbecue; with only the mere hint of sunshine and blue skies needed to dust off the BBQ and shake out the pi...

By Eleanor Brooke-Peat  //  Wed 24 May 2017
Curatorial, Collection, History
The Castle Howard collection is full of fascinating objects inspired by the myths and legends of the ancient world. Featured below are just a few of the gods, heroes and monst...
Maria Ellis
Maria Ellis
By Maria Ellis  //  Tue 16 May 2017
Woodland, Estate, Walking
One of the perks of working in the Forestry department at Castle Howard is that, every now and again, I’m allowed to slip away and escape into the woods and with over 2000 acr...
Mark Chapman
Mark Chapman
By Mark Chapman  //  Mon 15 May 2017
Timber, Forestry, Woodland, Building Services, Conservation
Across Castle Howard estate there is almost 2,000 acres of managed woodland divided between coniferous and deciduous plantings. ...
Maria Ellis
Maria Ellis
By Maria Ellis  //  Mon 8 May 2017
Trees, Hedging, Nature, Tree Nursery
The month of May announces itself with a fanfare (or should that be a tinkling of Morris bells?). The bright and colourful festival that is May Day welcomes in the second half...