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Seasonal Highlights

Each season brings something new. Find out what to see and when with our Seasonal Spotters Guide. Download it here...
Seasonal Spotters Guide


Summer is finally upon us. The season of sunshine (we hope!) picnics, freshly cut grass, ice creams and long, hot days merging into glorious golden evenings.

With the grounds and gardens now open, we look forward to hosting your next day out and welcoming you back to enjoy the outdoor space in safety. As you enjoy the gardens, take a moment to notice the changes this season brings. Grassy meadows across the grounds prove the perfect place for insects and other wildlife. The lakes shine a deep blue in the sunshine and the Atlas Fountain provides a backdrop of tinkling water.

Meanwhile, swallows, swifts and house martins swoop overhead and let loose their high-pitched call as they hunt over the lakes, bringing back a feast of insects to their nests. On the water, swans and their cygnets and ducks and their ducklings glide through the cool waters and you might just see dragonflies and damselflies dart by too.

In the walled garden, the scent of roses drift over the paths as soft petals ruffle in the breeze. Lady Cecilia’s rose garden comes into its own this season making all the pruning work our dedicated gardeners undertake all the more worthwhile.

While you wander through the gardens, see how many butterflies you notice fliting and fluttering on their hunt for sweet nectar. From the simple but elegant small whites and orange tips to the pretty small tortoiseshell and peacock butterflies, the walled garden is the perfect place to spot these beautiful creatures.



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