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Seasonal Highlights

Each season brings something new. Find out what to see and when with our Seasonal Spotters Guide. Download it here...
Seasonal Spotters Guide



Although sometimes seemingly dark and foreboding, winter can have its own special light to it. With the arrival of the cold we can be forgiven for feeling the urge to shut ourselves away, button down the hatches and keep ourselves in the comfort of our homes but if we give into this feeling we risk missing some of the most special and magical sights. 

On an early winter’s morning the Castle Howard grounds is one of the most beautiful places to be. The lawns, a frosty silvery-green, crunch underfoot and everything is still and hushed. The soft morning light casts a kaleidoscope of pastel colours over the landscape – the creamy stone of the house, the rose tinged sky and the pale blue of the gently rippling lake all play a part in this frozen scene.

Wildlife still abounds this time of year and you’re likely to be followed round the Walled Garden by a robin, jolly and bright with its red breast or if you take a stroll down to the lakes and you might see a heron or two take off from the banks, their great size making their flight seem all the more incredible. Flowers have their time in the spotlight too and there’s nothing more cheerful then spotting some sunshine yellow aconites and of course the delicate and graceful snowdrop.  Winter really is full of colour if you look a little closer. Lichens in shades of mustard yellow to a slivery green provide a feathery covering on twigs and branches and brightly coloured berries keep the birds fed through the tougher months. The bark of trees, fairly unnoticeable at other times of year, seems more prominent in theses barer months and you can really appreciate the beauty of the white peeling bark of the birch trees. Evergreens come into their own and it’s a cheering sight to see them standing strong and dependable while leaves fall around them.

So make sure you take some time outdoors this winter, to explore and admire what nature has to offer.



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