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Seasonal Highlights

Each season brings something new. Find out what to see and when with our Seasonal Spotters Guide. Download it here or pick up a copy at the Ticket Office on your next visit.
Seasonal Spotters Guide


Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness
John Keats
We can’t be alone in declaring that autumn is our favourite season. Winter, spring and summer may have their charms but autumn has a certain magic that can captivate and enchant the soul. It is crisp sunny afternoons, clear blue skies and a landscape bathed in a steady golden glow as the sun begins to set on another year. High summer leaves a quiet stillness in its wake, broken only by the crunch of leaves underfoot, the rustle and bustle of the squirrel’s tail as it hurries to and from its winter stores and the hiss and crackle of the first log fires. It is time to dig out those woolly jumpers and wellington boots for a peaceful autumn walk, stopping to pick the last of this year’s hedgerow harvests. We’re still eating al fresco but blankets are now securely wrapped around shoulders and knees and it’s time to reach for the hot chocolate and comforting autumn fare. 
All these things make autumn our favourite time of year but most of all it is the astonishing displays of fiery leaves, red, amber and gold that make the next couple of months even more special. When you’re out and about at Castle Howard this season, take a trip into Ray Wood to see a beautiful range of autumnal colours. The Katsura trees smell incredible, their sweet syrupy scent drift through the woodland and the Acer palmatum ‘osakazuki’ tree at the woods centre is also worth hunting down. Its deep red foliage looks spectacular this time of year.
Don’t forget to look down as well, as now is the best time to see fungi. Look on lawns, corners, crevices, tree trunks and deadwood to find a huge range of colourful mushrooms. Perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to spot the iconic Fly agaric with its red and white spotted cap. Just watch out; it's extremely poisonous!
Whatever the weather this autumn, make sure you make the most of this special time of year.


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